About Me:

Hi, I’m Rebecca, an animal enthusiast from Canada. I have been extensively involved in animal rescue and rehabilitation as well as general care for more than 20 years. I have many years of experience working in animal care facilities, shelters for domestic animals, and pet shops both in caring for animals and advising people on species appropriate care. As well, I have worked in wildlife rehabilitation centres where I have hand raised many birds and small mammals from a few days old into adulthood, as well as cared for injured animals and releasing them back into the wild when they are ready. I also helped to establish a wildlife rescue team in Peterborough, Canada in cooperation with the Toronto Wildlife Centre and ran public education campaigns about co-existing with local wildlife. For many years I have provided foster care for both domestic and wild animals when shelter environments were either not available or deemed to be too stressful for the animal(s). I care deeply for the well being of animals and always strive to provide the best care based on their own individual needs.

The animals I have cared for include:

Dogs - large and small, I love them all
Cats - including fostering abused and neglected cats
Exotic birds from budgies, cockatiels, canaries, to larger parrots
Rabbits and a variety of other small mammals from degus to hamsters and hedgehogs
A rescued squirrel monkey
Cold blooded animals from lizards, snakes, tortoises, freshwater fish, etc
Wild animals including songbirds, crows, birds of prey, groundhogs, skunks, raccoons, and other mammals
Domestic animals such as chickens, ducks, and sheep